The DentalTheke WebApp

Opening the website with your smartphones’ internet browser, you can easily download the web app by selecting the button “Web-App start” on the left hand side of your display.

Alternatively download the DentalTheke directly by scanning the QR-code on the right hand side.

By adding the DT Icon to your home screen you can open the app as any other app: just select the Icon.

To create the shortcut:

iPhone / iPod / iPad:

1. Start the DentalTheke-App and make sure you  are on the side with the search functions

2. Select the “Forward “-button in the middle of the navigation bar.

3. Now the DentalTheke-Icon will appear in the middle of your home screen.  Select the  button and insert DentalTheke. By selecting “add” you complete the process.


Devices running Android OS operate a range of different browsers. In most cases you will find the option “Add to homescreen” in your context menu.

1.    Start the DentalTheke webapp and make sure you are on the side with the search functions
2.    Open the context menu
3.    Select the option “Add to homescreen”

Enjoy using our DentalTheke-App!